Hamiltons Grand Design

“One word can be used to describe the genesis of the building I’m about to follow – EPIC” – Peter Elliot – TVNZ – Art of the Architect


The Grand Hyperstyle Hall with its Curved Staircase and Clear Glass lift allow accessible access between all levels of this home while enabling aging in place.


The master bedroom suite cantilevers high above the gully creating a private treehouse sanctuary for its owners. As Architects we deliberately cantilevered the upper levels to engage with its environment but not to touch or interfere with nature


Operable louvers at high and low levels to create a natural Ventury effect to air movement during hot summer months and a heat trap for those cold winter days.



Robin & Colleen design and fabricate large scale truck trailers in Hamilton for New Zealand and Australia. The Design Concept for the House was inspired by the following 3 items: First, the Client’s design drawings for truck trailers – large scale steel structures. Second, the nearby Fairfield Bridge, a ferro-concrete structure built by the Waikato District Council in 1937 that is arched, lyrical, organic and evocative in form. Third, the Egyptian Processional Temples with their architectonics of Grand Ramps, Hypostyle Hall, Bud Columns and Sanctuary as well as the relationship and close proximity of the Nile River likened to the Waikato River. I referred to Sir Banister Fletcher’s – “A History of Architecture” Processional Temples of Egypt. The Stairs, Main Bedroom and Ensuite are set out according to the Fibonacci Spiral – Golden Section/Divine Proportion. The design celebrates “structural expressionism” through “Flying Magaftas” – curved, organic columns/beams on the outside and inside of the House. The House with its curved glass lift an abstracted Egyptian Bud Column in Glass, creates a beacon of light in the night sky.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting can be used in any building to change and enhance a space or create a mood.

egyption theme

Most people have interesting traits that are special to them. We are Architects that can embrace these quirks into a design to make it uniquely your own.


Materials are important to Architects and we like to use a combination of new and old materials, natural and full of texture. The translucent properties of this Golden Onyx stone plays with layers of colour and light to create this unique kitchen island bench, the strong centerpiece in this magnificent home.

Structural Engineer – Alan Park from Holmes Consulting
Site Surveyor – David Laing and Associates Surveyors
Geotechnical Report – Aine Colsen from Opus
Quantity Surveyor – John Moore from Kingston Partners
Architectural Support – Abigail Wassung, Dhazi He, Thorgils Hilmarsson, Jonathon Tangney, Monique Clark
Lead Design Architect & Project Manager – Mark Wassung

Project Building Team

Builder/Site Foreman – Ken Atkinson from Construct Ltd
Builders – Keith Parlane, Graeme Parlane, Trevor Rhodes, Grant Gibbons, Nick Hoebergen from Construct Ltd
Excavator – Tom Andrews from Tristar
Piling – John Faber & Doug Irvine from Spiral Drillers
Steel Fabricator – Greg Jensen from Jensens Steel Tauranga, Phil Counsell and Christian Bilbe from Modern Construction Hamilton
Reinforcing Steel – Alastair Mackay – Fletcher Reinforcing
Linings – Will Fransen from Adept Interiors
Glass – Timothy Bolt from Viridian Glass
Aluminium Windows – Mike Tubbs – Origin Windows
Roofing – Brian McLuskie from Waikato Roofing Solutions
Electrical – Iain Colville from Switch Electrical
Home Automation – Cade Uttinger from Savdesign
Stainless Steel – Colin Ashton from McLeod Sheetmetals
Curved Glass – Louis Paulussen from Tempabend
Kitchen – Kevin Middlemiss from Treetown Kitchens
Stone Mason – Stephen Broomhall from Empire Stone
Stone Supply – Kumar Pramod
Site Manager – Patrick Dempsey